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At the outset, we consider your customers to be just as vital as you do.
By delivering a consistently trustworthy service, not only are you, our client, at an advantage, but so are your clients. We are committed to reducing prolonged and unsettling customer complaints, by providing fuss-free, on time and safe delivery of produce.

The flow on effect of reduced down time with taking long irate phone calls, chasing missing or soiled produce, reordering, erratic stock control and customer issues, have a positive effect right across your company – from overall satisfaction and efficiencies within your department, to Operations, IT, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

The benefits of a delivery service you can rely on, makes the decision to move forward with M/S LUBIGA INVESTMENT&TRADING COMPANY LIMITED – great commercial sense.

We are committed to providing safe, dependable transportation service to our customers and To meet our goal, organization shall strive,

•    Prompt & Positive response
•    Team Performance
•    On time delivery of goods
•    To reduce customer complaints
•    With a mission to make continual improvement in all aspects.

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