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  • The NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES recognizes that the occupational health and safety of employee is of paramount importance and upholds the belief that safety takes precedence over convenience.
  • The existence of effective health and safety procedures in the NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES shall be the duty of all employees from the top management downwards.
  • The NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES undertakes to comply with all health and safety legislation in the sprit as well as the letter of the law.
  • The NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES occupational health and function shall be charges to a safety officer (or any other established title) who shall be accountable to the head of Human capital and Technical department for specified areas of his or her duties. He or she shall, however, liaise with all departments and section in his/ her line duties from time to time.
  • The safety officer shall be responsible for ensuring safe working conditions ad the promotion and enforcement of safety rules and safe practices in the Company.
  • All incidents of accidents illness, and safety hazards shall be reported to management using defined procedures and within acceptable time.
  • The NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES shall take necessary hazards precaution and make first- aid items available to employee when required.
  • It shall insist upon necessary precaution being taken in the handling or processing of dangerous substances and shall endeavour to maintain high standard of hygiene with regard to potentially harmful substances.
  • It shall, where practicable, take precaution to minimize potential incidence of Repetitive strain injury (RSI) among its employees.
  • New devices and materials will be properly checked for safety before being put to use. The shall also ensure that all its machinery and equipment are properly maintained, tested and inspected from time to time.
  • The NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES shall provide necessary personnel protective equipment, where this is required, in the performance of some tasks.
  • Good houses keeping shall be a must in all its premises, including storage facilities, and there should always be adequate space for machinery and plant and provision of gangways.
  • The NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES shall carry out regular safety inspections of working systems and environments and practices from time to time.
  • The company shall arrange for employees to be instructed in safe working methods and for educating them in health and safety precautions.
  • The company forbids any employee to engage in and perpetuate unsafe working habits and other activities, which are likely to results in injury to self or other persons and or damage to property.
  • Any employee undertaking work at heights, in confined spaces and on potentially dangerous machines and related equipment shall be required to follow specifies rules to ensure their safety and that of others
  • Employees handling the NICE GROUP OF COMPANIES internal transport (motor vehicles etc) shall be expected to follow required procedures, rules and regulation while doing so.
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